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Our latest offering are parts made from forged carbon fiber composite.  Rather than laying up carbon fiber in sheets and impregnating it with resin like your typical carbon fiber manufacturing, Forged Composite uses a paste of fibers (500,000 turbostratic fibers per square inch) mixed with a resin that is squeezed out to make almost any shape. Since the fibers aren't oriented in any particular direction, the finished part is strong all around, while remaining light. While we don't know for sure, our initial thought is that a part made of Forged Composite may be strong, it is not as structurally strong as a traditional carbon fiber part.

From an appearance perspective, it does look quite a bit different than the woven fibers we are used to seeing. I would say Forged Carbon is best described as a marbled carbon fiber appearance.

Forged Carbon Composite in the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept car

Lamborghini utilized Forged Composite on both the monocoque chassis as well as the suspension arms on the new Sesto Elemento concept car. While it's not used in a production car just yet, we expect to see it soon with replacements for the Gallardo and the Murcielago in the not too distant future (Update: Lamborghini is now using Forged Composite extensively in their mainstream vehicles).

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  • T0RQ Forged Carbon Series 1 Watch
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